To tension your blades, turn the tension nut anti-clockwise until very loose, then turn on the clipper and turn the tension nut clockwise until you hear a "purring" noise as the tone of the clipper (speed) begins to drop then turn back ¼ of a turn. The clipper is now ready for oil. Now apply Clipperman Oil to all the external moving parts and into the hole behind the tension nut. DO NOT over tension the blades, doing so will result in overheating and excessive wear. It is important to keep the tension as light as possible to prevent overheating the blades and affecting the cutting performance.

If the clipper's performance drops, turn the clippers off and loosen the tension nut until the blades come off the clippers. Clean the hair and grease from the blades using Clipperman Blade Wash Spray, then reassemble and try again. If this doesn't help, tighten the tension a little more. If the blades still aren't cutting properly, the blades might need sharpening. Return the blades to Clipperman at Trilanco Ltd via your local tack shop or to a local sharpening service as necessary.

Large blades, e.g. A2, A22, A6, A7 (Fortress, Baroness and Dragon models)
The set of cutter and comb consists of one upper and one lower clipping plate. Fit them so that the two ground surfaces face each other. Push the bolt through the blades, put the springs on and tighten the bolt.

A5 Connection blades (Joust and Crest models)
This cutter and comb come attached to one another as a set.

How to remove the A5 blades
On the back of the clipper, just below the blade,there is a black metal latch that looks like an L-bracket with a rolled over edge. Push this latch up towards the blade. While you are holding the latch in, gently pull the top of the blade away from the clipper. This blade is now in the fully open position. The blade will move only an inch or so, but you should feel it give a little snap when it gets into the open position. The open position is almost vertical but the blades still lean towards the clipper. Once you've pulled the blade into this open position, simply slide the blade up off of the single silver lever that it is sitting on.

Caution: The lever will need to be in the open position to re-install the blade. Be careful not to push that silver lever in towards the clippers while there is no blade on it. There is a large spring on it, and it will be quite difficult to get it back into the open position. If you should accidentally close the lever, you will need to use a small flat-head screwdriver to pry it back into the open position. From the side, get just a little bit under and GENTLY work the screwdriver under and then up. If you are struggling to re install the blades, it may be easier once the blades have been positioned on to the lever to turn the clipper/trimmer on as you push the blade back towards to clipper/trimmer.

F5 Connection blade (Jewel and Jester Models)
This cutter and comb come attached to one another as a set. The cutter is ceramic and is longer lasting than traditional metal. To remove, simply push the blade back from the trimmer until it snaps off. Then to re-install, line the plastic inserts up on the inside of the head of the trimmer and then push the blade back into place as it came off.

To enhance the lifetime of the clipper blades, apply a thin layer of Clipperman Clipper Oil over the blades and external moving parts every 10 minutes. Also apply oil to the hole at the rear of the tensioning nut.

In the event that the clipper/trimmer suddenly stops, the overload switch may have been triggered.
• Check the cable for any cuts or defects and if damaged return for repair.
• If there is no visible damage, leave the clipper switched off to cool down and check for blockages in the air vents and obstruction of the blades. Once cleared, turn the clipper back on and it should restart automatically. If it fails, please return it to Clipperman for repair. If you smell burning or see smoke, switch the clipper/trimmer off and unplug at the mains. Return to Clipperman for repair.

• Clippers should be serviced at least once a year so to be tested for electrical safety.
• Clippers in frequent use need to be serviced accordingly. Try to plan ahead and return your clipper for servicing at the end of the season.
• Always keep in a dry, safe place.

The serial number is printed on a silver sticker, which is located on the body of the shearer, clipper or trimmer. The serial number starts with five letters and ends in eight numbers, for example CLPDR06160001.

Our blades are made from German steel.

To get the best out of your battery pack and prolong its life, it is advisable to regularly fully discharge the battery pack by powering the clipper until the clipper stops. During the months of storage please store the battery in a warm and dry location above 5°C and below 35°C. We also recommend that you charge the battery at least every 6 months. It is advisable to recharge the battery after clipping, or prior to storing the battery pack for long periods of time. Do not use the battery pack for short bursts regularly.


When it comes to caring for your clippers, we have created an instruction manual that should give you all the information that you need to know. Please click the link below to be directed to a downloadable version of our manual, or take a look at our FAQ page, for answers to some common questions.

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